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Some of The Gentle Brothers & Sisters Circa 1974

These were some of the folks on the first mountain trip-to Yosemite.
That's David on the right, Moonglow on the left making a point with a carrot to Alexander.
Some friends of the family, and Angelina (I think that's right) on far right.
She was ordained.
That's Scott Halem beardless behind David eating.
The bearded guy who's sort of in the middle was Angelina's brother.
He died in a Columbian airport quite a while ago.
The couple on the left were friends of their's/ours...sort of a package deal.
Don't recall names.
We're on a BIG rock over some falls at Yosemite the day after the Leo moon.
The picture of David and Sashwa was taken the same day.
There were other people on the trip...
David think Isis was there,
but they didn't all climb the rock.

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