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Order of Melchizedek

Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000
From: Layla Ray

I've spent several hours pouring over my Urantia book
to distill out information about the Order of Melchizedek
that feels most essential to our mission
as ministers in these momentous times.

This book is an encyclopedic tome
delineating in ultimate detail the structure,
organization and function of every level
- spiritual and physical - of all creation.
In the excerpts that follow, everything is written
in terms of cosmological spiritual hierarchy;
but the purpose and qualities described resonate
with GBS as I've experienced us.

[page 384. Note: Earth (Urantia) resides in one of the many
Local Universes surrounding the Central Universe.
There are four orders of local universe "sonship",
including the Melchizedek Sons.]


" accordance with the divine purpose...
there occurs a new form of creative union
between the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit -
the local universe Daughter of the Infinite Spirit.
The personality offspring resulting from this creative partnership
is the original Melchizedek -
the Father Melchizedek -
that unique being who subsequently collaborates with
the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit
to bring into existence the entire group of that name.

....Being an order of sonship wherein one of their own number
functioned as co-ordinate creator,
Melchizedeks are in constitution partly of self-origin
and therefore candidates for the realization
of a supernal type of self-government.


...The Melchizedeks are the first order of divine Sons
to approach sufficiently near the lower creature life
to be able to function directly
in the ministry of mortal uplift,
to serve the evolutionary races
without the necessity of incarnation...
by origin being just about midway
between the highest Divinity
and the lowest creature life of will endowment.
They thus become the natural intermediaries
between the higher and divine levels
of living existence and the lower,
even the material,
forms of life on the evolutionary worlds.
The SERAPHIC* orders, the angels,
delight to work with the Melchizedeks;
in fact, all forms of intelligent life find these Sons
understanding friends,
sympathetic teachers, and wise counselors.

[*My Caps - Hi Seraph]

The Melchizedeks are a self-governing order.
With this unique group we encounter the first attempt
at self-determination on the part of local universe beings
and observe the highest type of true self-government...

And it should be recorded
that they have never abused their prerogatives...
They are the hope of every universe group
which aspires to self-government*...

[*bet our founding fathers were M's too]

There is no phase of planetary spiritual need
to which they do not minister.

These Sons are not an increasing order;
their number is stationary,
although varying in each local universe.
The number of Melchizedeks of record...
is upward of ten million.


The Melchizedeks occupy a world of their own near Salvington,
the universe headquarters.
This sphere, by name Melchizedek,
is the pilot world of the Salvington circuit
of seventy primary spheres,
These marvelous spheres...
are often spoken of as Melchizedek University...

...the sphere Melchizedek,
is the common meeting ground for all beings
who are engaged in educating and spiritualizing
the ascending mortals of time and space...
where they are initiated into the regime
of the disciplines and spirit progression...

...the hosts who go forth as evangels of destiny,
proclaiming spiritual liberty and divine sonship
even to the remote worlds of the universe.


While the Melchizedek orders are chiefly devoted
to the vast educational system
and experiential training regime of the local universe,
they also function in unique assignments
and in unusual circumstances.
In an evolving universe
eventually embracing approximately ten million inhabited worlds,

many things out of the ordinary are destined to happen,
and it is in such emergencies that the Melchizedeks act...
They are always ready to serve in all exigencies -
physical, intellectual, or spiritual...
Whenever and wherever special help is needed,
there you will find one
or more of the Melchizedek Sons.

The Melchizedeks are the first to act in all emergencies
of whatever nature on all worlds where will creatures dwell...
In a planetary crisis these Melchizedek Sons
serve in many unique capacities...
They are indeed the versatile and volunteer emergency ministers
to all orders of universe intelligence
and to all worlds and systems of worlds.

The Melchizedek who lived on Urantia during the time of Abraham...
volunteered to incarnate...
and did so with
the approval of the Melchizedek receivers of the planet,
who feared that the light of life would become extinguished
during that period of increasing spiritual darkness.
And he did foster the truth of his day
and safely pass it on to Abraham and his associates.

[a few more highlights from Part III -
The History of Urantia, p1309]


It was a solemn occasion on Salvington
almost one billion years ago when...
[Christ] Michael announced...
he would be absent on an unexplained mission.

...Not until the third day after Michael's departure
was any message of possible significance received.
...communication was received from
the Melchizedek sphere headquarters...
which simply recorded this extraordinary
and never-before-heard-of transaction:
"At noon today
there appeared on the receiving field of this world
a strange Melchizedek Son,
not of our number but wholly like our order...
received into our order and assigned
to the emergency service of the Melchizedeks..."

[on some unseen level, this may be the mechanics
of how we are reminded of,
re-routed and reassigned our ministries?]

Nothing more appears until after one hundred years of Urantia time...

"And at noon on this day,
without previous announcement and witnessed
by only three of our brotherhood,
this visiting Son of our order
disappeared from our world as he came...
By universal consent he has become chief of Melchizedeks,
having earned our love and adoration by his matchless wisdom,
supreme love, and superb devotion to duty...
for this stranger on our world has now eternally become
a universe minister of Melchizedek nature".

[so, unless new elections have been held,
Christ - the physical manifestation of God -
is quite literally the head of the order.
Since spiritualizing the physical, or God-real-ization
is what we're here to facilitate,
this totally makes sense.]

The records do not specifically state that this
unique and efficient Melchizedek was Michael,
but it is universally believed that he was.

[ONE MORE excerpt from p 57,
"Nothing in This Book Is True,
But It's Exactly How Things Are" - by Bob Frissell]

The Great White Brotherhood [Melchizedeks] does everything
it can to advance our evolution,
while the Great Dark Brotherhood does everything it can
to induce fear and delay evolution.

The forces of these two brotherhoods
tend to balance each other out
so that our evolution takes place at exactly the right time...
This is unity consciousness.

The two brotherhoods are
just different aspects of the One
working in harmony

Well, dear family, hope you found this interesting - if a litte long.
Just felt the need to clarify my understanding of our spiritual ancestry.
Hope you find it as inspiring as I did.
Love & Light - Layla

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